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Making decision of changing either your body image or improving your health is a first important step, and you do need a plan. Shaped4Life provide the best service for those who wish to achieve their best shape, gain more of self-confidence or simply change their lifestyle for healthier. Consistency is perhaps the hardest aspect of transformation, but once you create a habit, it becomes natural. Your goals will become my goals, as I know how important is support when it comes to hard work. My passion for health and fitness taught me more patience, and self-determination. I specialize in fat loss, muscle building, glute transformation and how to confidently perform on stage, whatever stage that may be.

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"Before I started training with Marta I thought I had enough knowledge about fitness and muscle building. I have spent my entire life watching people training hard as my family have always been successful in various sports. Finally after years of trying to achieve my goal I realised that I had hit a wall and even though I was lifting heavy and building some muscle I felt that regardless of how much I pushed myself I was no longer seeing progress.
This is how I sought professional help and found Marta. With her assistance I can honestly say she has started to change my life. I’ve only been training with her for a month and already feels she gave me the focus and last missing key ingredient to move myself to the next level. She is extremely knowledgeable and showed me that we need to not only train hard but smart! She spotted immediately what I have been doing wrong and has assisted me in adjusting my diet and training so that I can see and feel a massive difference in just one month, which is more than I could see after a year of my own hard work. Thanks to the changes in my diet I have never enjoyed food so much.
Thank you Marta Nowicka you are a life changer xx"

Wioleta Deans

"My trainer Marta has been awesome and even adjusted all of my workouts to be done at home during the COVID-19 crisis. She checks in often when I don't message her, and is very responsive when I do, and is appropriately encouraging and giving a personal touch to the experience while still being remote. to someone like me who usually has a hectic schedule and likes to work out on my own terms while still having a great plan in place.
I totally recommend and Love Marta "

Rachael Wheeler

"Can’t express how smart, caring and talented coach Marta is. She’s not only a coach to her clients but also a friend/sister. There is many coaches out there who is just in it for the money but definitely not Marta! She clearly puts a lot of work and effort into what she does, always happy to share all her knowledge and most certainly wants the best for her clients. I’m learning posing with Marta and I’ve noticed lots of improvements on my 3rd session and I couldn’t be happier!
Defo recommend Marta!"

Reem Mo

"Marta is a great motivator without being too much which makes even those that are not very confident excel. She’s so knowledge in all aspects of fitness from exercise to diet. Marta has a extremely friendly approach and gives every client the time and understanding at the beginning to ensure she gives the best possible service 🌟"

Charlene Jane


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